Experiential App


A lack of engagement in a party can stem from the wrong music coupled with a fear of dancing. Collective is a proof-of-concept app which allows party-goers to have a say in the music that gets played and allows for interaction with dynamic visuals.

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Various applications in the realm of interactive dance were examined and it was made apparent that these apps were limited by:

(1) Focus on level completion
In a party setting, an application/game needs to be more casual and inviting. By eliminating the competitive aspect, anyone can join in at any time and the flow of music can be more continuous.

(2) Music selection & discoverability
By allowing users to add songs from their libraries, the experience becomes more engaging and personal, while the added feature of voting democratizes it.

(3) Social interaction
People connect over music. To aid in the process, users get notified when others like their song (saving that song a personal list). Furthermore, it helps everyone at the party gauge what genres are popular.


User Flow

Join the Party

Type in the 4-digit code provided by the host's computer to join the room. Let people know who you are by taking a quick pic of yourself.

Save Songs

If you like what you're hearing, tap on the heart icon to like/save a song. Tap on the home button in the lower left to access your liked songs. You can view them in your default music app, or add them to your notes. People are notified when their songs are liked.

Find People With Similar Tastes

Tap on a user's icon to bring up a modal which shows all the previous songs they've added to the queue.

Vote On Songs

Nearing the end of each song, partygoers can quickly vote on the songs they want to hear next. Once the time has ended, the most popular song is played. As admin, you can rearrange songs, or remove them entirely.